What bring us alive is something larger, greater than ourselves. It can be the reunion of the family celebrating the spirit of giving around the dinner table during the year-end holidays. It can also be something even bigger, such as the thrill of humanity crossing the chasm that separates the millennia of scarcity from the emergent, possible.

It all depends on the narrative that we’re living in, the stories that we are telling to ourselves. Some of the narratives are energising, others are depressing. While not forgetting the alarming facts of our present predicament, let’s choose to give our attention to these trends that we want to see amplify. Keep that in mind as you read the pages linking from “What Brings Us Alive.”

Of course, what you’ll see there is not the only way to tell the great story of our times, or of what is this Campus about, and how the two relates to each other. Take time think about it, feel into what is your relationship to this narrative, what questions it raises about yourself, your world and the campus. Tell us about your story and how ours may enrich yours. We do want to hear from you.

What time is it on Earth?
What time is it on the Campus?
On the Edge


The “campus” metaphor signifies a place where people come to learn, gain experience, interact with others, make friends, and initiate projects.

Campus Co-Evolve is a virtual learning environment designed to support the same functions, online. It consists of a rich and evolving set of learning resources and tools, organized around the familiar, spatial metaphor of “campus” with an easy-to-navigate interface. 

They include, for example, live sessions via video conferencing with break-out rooms  for small group exchanges, online forums, chats, a Knowledge Garden, sessions in residential retreats in inspiring natural settings, a virtual café, glossaries, and co-creation spaces. All that will allow for various self-organizing forms and unpredictable patterns of collaborative learning to emerge.

Why do we talk about “co-evolution” front and center? It’s because there is no evolution, only co-evolution. We’re evolving with others, with our communities and the broader social field that we are part of. We learn faster when we’re exposed to and exploring each other’s mental models in mutually supportive relationships. Interacting with shared knowledge resources opens new vistas for better understanding and, potentially, wiser action.

Have you seen the picture of an embryo in the womb? Did you feel touched by seeing that work-in-progress?  Thanks to the co-evolution of cells, tissues, and organs, a baby with consciousness and the capacity to co-evolve with its environment will emerge.

This Campus and its programs are designed to foster the co-evolution of participating change-makers with each other, with their cohort as a whole, and the real-world projects that they are working on. That co-evolution is another work-in-progress, one that we cannot only watch with admiration but also, shape and let us be shaped by it.

Are you an evolutionary?

You may be if you don’t need to be told (because you already know) that there’s something deeply wrong with a world, where:

  • 87% of the employees are disengaged from their work. In other words, killing their soul for making a living in joyless workplaces
  • educational systems give “young persons’ score on a data spreadsheet carrying greater importance than their well-being” — Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation
  • governments tend to prioritize the interest of the few, over the multitudes

Of course, just knowing all that doesn’t turn you into a change maker but your passion for righting what is wrong does. Then yes, you have been bitten by the changemaker bug.

As the winds of change are blowing, you open the window and fill your lungs with it… Energized, now you want to up your art of changemaking and amplify its impact at least 10-fold. If so, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Our principles are guidelines that inform the teaching and learning practices of the Campus and help us translate its purpose into decisions and behaviors. They set high standards for how we work and learn together and help bring out the best in us. Eliminating the need for a lot of rules, they establish the foundation of our freedom to act and ability to respond creatively to emergent situations.


  • We strive to sense, think and speak from the highest consciousness available to us and demonstrate it in our behavior, with increasing frequency.

  • We access with reverence humankind’s advanced knowledge about the evolution of people, organizations and social systems, and strive to make it available to all who needs it, on and off the Campus.

  • We facilitate self-organization, emergence, and the unfettered flow of insights and inspirations in every context.

  • We take responsibility for and steward the development of our collective self-reflection, intelligence, and wisdom.

  • We develop and sustain the mutually supportive relationships within and between the Campus’ constitutive groups, the Faculty Circle and the Enabling Circle.



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