The LIFE cycle of Listen, Interact, Form, Evolve: an actionable framework for co-evolution catalysts

I came back from Rome, last night, were I participated in the Warm Data Lab training led by Nora Bateson. It was one of those rare gamechanger events in my life, which questioned my ways of making sense and interacting with reality and gave me an opening to upgrade them. You will certainly hear from me about it later, but this story is about another highlight of my [...]

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The Story of Campus Co-Evolve

The wisdom of the ancient ones Our story started way back. The first people of all continents inhabited their natural surroundings with the mixed emotions of gratitude for the nourishment and trepidation about the coming thunderstorm. Nature was a formidable friend and foe. When man-made or natural dangers threatened their habitat, the circle of elders gathered around the campfire in the center of the village, listened, spoke, and [...]

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“Retreat” or “Lab”

Cohort One of the Campus’ Four Rivers course has just had an unforgettable, 5-day residential session to complete its study of the A-B-C-D “rivers” of Awareness, Behaviour, Community Building, and Designing with Complexity. It was unforgettable because imprints of the human touch never fade. You may hear more about that later. We sure had a wonderfully heart-warming and mind-expanding time together but that’s not why I’m writing now. It’s about [...]

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The Tao of Health and Wellbeing – A Path of Transformation

Mid-July 2019 event in London & Brighton – details to be announced soon I cannot forget the last words of a beloved friend of mine before his death. “The only thing I regret in my life that I didn’t start listening to my body sooner.” To honour our friendship and his legacy, I took those words as a teaching device for my inner development. That was 13 years ago. The [...]

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Transformation and Collective Trauma

On my twitter feed I recently stumbled across a link mentioning a conversation between two of my favorite transformational leaders, Thomas Hübl and Otto Scharmer. I stopped what I was about to do and for 45 minutes let myself become absorbed by their enquiries, questions, insights and challenges. It was time truly well spent.  I still feel touched and inspired on many levels by their co-exploration. I hope this conversation [...]

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Reflective Meditation with the FOUR RIVERS Mandala

 When we opened the 4R course, we focused our attention on the rivers themselves that occupy the ring of the 4R mandala* on the left, snuggling into each other around the centrepiece, the being/becoming symbol. Now, after the first teaching session dedicated to the River of Awareness, it is a good time for a reflective meditation practice to see what it may reveal. Why not do it with me, in [...]

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Scaling Collaboration with Learning Platforms

Now that the Cohort 1 of the Campus has embarked on its learning journey, I felt it’s time to revisit what motivates us: prototyping a structure and culture for the holistic and experiential education of transformative leaders, who are passionate about increasing their effectiveness with orders of magnitude. Prototyping a culture is “simple” because it takes “only” to intently listen and respond to the life-giving forces present in the social field [...]

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Just Teal with It!

One of the members of Cohort 1 of the Four Rivers course asked,  what is the meaning of "Tealing with it”? A member of our Enabling Circle replied, I would recommend reading one of George's articles on Enlivening Edge entitled: OVERWHELMED? JUST TEAL WITH IT. Then I added this little story:  If you don't have time to read the whole article that Szilvia referenced, please note that the expression "Teal with it!" is [...]

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A Journey to Wholeness

An updated version of a column by George Pór published originally in the Enlivening Edge magazineI’ve been living divided and yearning for wholeness. Far too long. Parts of me argue with other parts, jostling to accommodate roles with different priorities. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not seeking a utopian nirvana of absolute peace and plenty. I am burning inside, fuelled by all-consuming attraction to a particular possibility – the possibility [...]

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How Is It OK? Or Is It?!

One of the world’s management gurus, Gary Hamel, asked at last year’s Peter Drucker Forum: “How did we become so inured to the inhumanity of our organizations?” “How is it OK that a scant 13% of employees around the world are emotionally engaged in their work?” “How is it OK that only 12% of employees in Europe say they’re always consulted before objectives are set for their work?” “How is [...]

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Conversation in the Morning

My wife brought me a cup of hot chocolate without sugar in it. Even without sugar, it’s such a heart-warming comfort drink! Each morning, when that happens, I sip on it slowly as to let the taste of cocoa linger in my mouth after each sip. It was early morning, and I was sitting in my writing den, busy with envisioning Campus Co-Evolve and its forthcoming first program, Four Rivers: [...]

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