The need we respond to

Everybody who lives today with eyes open to humankind’s present predicament knows that we are in the very midst of a turbulent phase of transition. (Some call it the Big Shift, Jump Time or Great Transition.) Out of the turbulence of this transformation, very different worlds may emerge. Whether it will be for better or worse, it’s up to us.

The lack of enough people well-educated in the arts and sciences of facilitating profound transformation would greatly increase the risk of the “for much worse” possibility.

When “the old world is dying and the new is yet to born” the birth needs the expeditious development of “midwifing” capacity at an unprecedented scale. Responding to a better future’s need of our wise action today, Campus Co-Evolve is contributing to the growth of that transformative capacity in ourselves as individuals, organizations, and social systems.

Our Vision 

A vision is not an agenda to accomplish but a possible future state of the world that we are attracted to and dedicated to love into being. Ours is this:

A more beautiful and just world, where the well-being and blossoming of all is the highest purpose of the whole.

It is not an unrealistic vision because there’s a global ecosystem of transformational networks, organisations, and initiatives, who share and work for it in their own way.

Our Evolutionary Purpose

In the ecosystem of vision-sharing people and organisations there are myriads of niches each expressing its distinctive contribution to the whole, by pursuing a distinctive purpose.

The shortest version of our evolutionary purpose is this:

Education for personal, organizational and societal renewal.

Here’s a slightly more expanded version that includes the impact we want to have on the world:

A co-evolving, global community of changemakers triggers viral waves of new capabilities for profound transformation on three scales — personal, organizational, and societal.

An  “evolutionary purpose” is more about having a direction than a destination. It also means that if and when there will be more organizations pursuing the same purpose of developing those triple capabilities, we will move on. Through listening and thanks to our talents, networks and changing circumstances, we will discover and express what the best gifts to our world in transformation can be.   

For those, who want to know about the more tangible aspect of our purpose, here is another version that includes how we’re pursing it:

To cultivate a global network of changemakers and their communities of practice,
supported by state-of-the-art electronic, social, and inner technologies,     
triggering a viral wave of new capabilities for facilitating transformation at all scales.

We work towards that by prototyping a structure and culture for the holistic and experiential education of changemakers, who are passionate about increasing their effectiveness with orders of magnitude.
Our prototyping process includes hosting and cultivating practice groups that, in the right conditions, can grow into Transformative Communities of Practice (TCoP) described here and here.