We designed our admission process with the purpose of being able to deeply listen to the individual needs of each fellow changemaker who is passionate about amplifying his or her impact through a comprehensive makeover on the training ground of Campus Co-evolve.

If what brings us alive resonates with you and you feel called to become a better, more capable version of yourself, then check out our programs and start the admission process outlined below.

1. Are the course and you the right match for each other?

Filling out a course’s application questionnaire will give you an opportunity

to reflect on what you would like to focus on during your learning journey.

After you selected the course(s) of interest to you and clicked the “Apply” button,  you will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire. That will help  us get acquainted with your learning edges and aspirations, relevant context and current activities and discover what educational offer on or off the Campus could be the best match to them.

Generative Conversation

2. Generative Conversation

The collaborative discovery journey starts right here.

If your needs/aspirations and what we can offer seem to be good match, then you will have the opportunity to meet a member of our team  for a generative conversation. It is called “generative” because engaged in it, both parties tend to discover something important about themselves.  It does not affect your admittance to the course but helps to start knowing each other better.

Learning Agreement

3. Learning Agreement

This Learning Agreement is not a contract that you make with Campus Co-Evolve, but with yourself.

Its function is to help you articulate and take ownership of your developmental aspirations that might change with time, as your learning journey progresses. Before you can receive your enrolment information you have to present your Learning Agreement to your Admission Advisor.

Recommended Donations

4. Recommended Donations

Supporting the ongoing functioning and development of the Campus, its infrastructure and services, requires the dedicated work of people in the Enabling and Faculty Circles.

We offer that in the “Pay What Feels Right” spirit of the gift economy. We operate on a donation basis instead of set tuition fees. The recommended level of donation is set for each course at £950, payable at the time  you submit your Letter of Agreement.

What is important to us is not to make huge profits but to have all those enrolled who feel that the Campus can contribute to unleashing their potential. In the recently graduated first cohort of the Campus, some practitioners have generously contributed more than the recommended minimum; others, who couldn’t afford the whole amount paid somewhat less and offered some services to support our work.


5. Welcome Package

You will be welcomed into a thriving, international learning environment

led by practitioner-participants.

Let the journey begin once you are sent the Welcome package in which you will find information on how to get ready for the course, including some food for thought in preparation for your first session.

Request an application questionnaire!

Join Campus Co-Evolve and be part of our thriving community!

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“The course provided a unique opportunity to pursue individual development and build collective learning based on shared experiences. A vital space for evolutionary catalysts to find travelling companions to make the road into the next stage less lonely, to truly co-evolve.” 

Jane Pightling, United Kingdom

“Sensing into the wickedness of complexity – responding with essential momentum & plans, transformational cutting edge knowledge, a truly meaningful space to grow for every soulful r.evolutionary “

Jan Maisenbacher, Switzerland

“A transformation encounter, an opportunity for personal & collective growth, with an endless field of opportunities through its co-creative nature. It is the first time I joined a program  as a co-creator rather than as a consumer. The 4 day retreat program gifted me with friendships, the experience of personal growth, enjoyment of healthy food and the spectacular natural beauty.”

Bowen Li, China

“The experiences with Campus Co-Evolve 2019 started me on a fresh new journey into self-exploration.  The joy I feel about the 4 days of the retreat cannot be described with words! The thoughtful selection of materials, the location, nature, the food, my co-evolving partners, all will make this journey unforgettable. My transformation is the shift from consumer to co-producer so that I can continue to play my part in the symphony. To be continued… “

Leona Liu, China

“This most special program nurtured my spirit, mind and body. I feel invigorated to embark on a new journey of exploration, to bring out the best of myself, to support others to bring out the best of themselves, to support organisations and to serve them becoming more enabling organisations.”

Hong Mei, China

“The 4Rivers course is like a box of chocolates, co-created by fishes. We are the fishes in the Rivers. When you join the course you never know what you are going to get. The course will help you to imagine.”

Joshua Liang, China

“If you wish to evolve beyond the personal and thus let your evolution become a contribution for the larger whole, then this is for you.”

Mathias Weitbrecht, Germany

“My personal learning journey with the Four Rivers course has challenged my understanding of how we as change makers can truly learn and co-evolve in a very organic way. I find it to be a welcoming home for people who really want to have an impact. In the course I find evolutionary friendships, soulful inspirations, and huge potential to enable even bigger change by working together.”

Yiqing He, China