Are you ready to discover your fuller potential and play your part in our co-evolutionary journey?

Our virtual campus is a place where both seasoned and budding changemakers come to learn, gain more experience, make friends, get better at what they’re doing already, and initiate collaborative projects.

Our Fall semester is launching with a selection of courses offering an opportunity to truly blossom in the caring, mutually supportive relationships of your cohort at the Campus. 

The main environments in which your learning will take place are: Teaching Sessions, Reversed Classroom, Online Learning Community, and Your Project Context. To find out more about them and also, how you will get certified, look up our Practitioners FAQ.

Four Rivers: a Course for R.Evolutionary Changemakers

The Four Rivers: a Course for R.Evolutionary Changemakers is much more than a course. It’s a fledgling learning community of people who are exploring and co-creating a new sense of self, radically authentic ways of relating to one another, growing an enlivening culture, and designing wiser systems.

This course is about how to make a collective contribution to the possible human that we can become only when supported by the power of transformative teaching-learning communities.

It has been the founding course of Campus Co-Evolve. Already at its inception, it has been inspiring a global cohort of change makers and thought leaders looking for collective, transformative learning to widen the personal and collective capabilities.

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Transformative Media Creation and Reception: Designing and Creating Transformative Media Experiences for Self, Other and World

The moving image has a unique capacity for affecting multiple aspects of our being. Movies can make us think and feel deeply. They can give us new perspectives on self, other and world. They can immerse us in other realities and give us rich and deep embodied experiences. In fact, recent research has revealed that immersive and virtual moving image experiences can produce the same neurological and biological responses in our brains and bodies as actual lived experiences. The moving image can also have an impact collectively, affecting cultural and social change, and has been used successfully for both revolutionary and evolutionary purposes.

Transformative Media Creation and Reception is a course for aspiring and accomplished change makers who want to learn how to use media to extend and deepen their efforts to create transformation in self, other and world. It will illuminate the comprehensive toolkit for designing media to catalyze healing, personal growth and the evolution of consciousness on an individual and collective level.

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Befriending Complexity: Navigate with Ease with These Tools, Skills and Perspectives

The Befriending Complexity course provides a practical and theoretical basis for working with organizatons as complex social systems. Here you will meet the perspectives, ideas and tools that can change how you identify and relate to complex contexts.

You will learn about intervention design, emergence as a function of the sum of relationships, chaos theory, surfing complex waves, necessary conditions for emergence, palliative care for dying systems, and much more.

You will also learn working with uncertainty, collective intelligence the relationships between subsystems, multiple perspectives, resonance & felt sense, storytelling, and last, but not least, yourself as complex system.

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