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The LIFE cycle of Listen, Interact, Form, Evolve: an actionable framework for co-evolution catalysts


I came back from Rome, last night, were I participated in the Warm Data Lab training led by Nora Bateson. It was one of those rare gamechanger events in my life, which questioned my ways of making sense and interacting with reality and gave me an opening to upgrade them. You will certainly hear from me about it later, but this story is about another highlight of my visit in Rome. I met there Stelio Verzera, a free spirit and maverick Italian, a walking illustration of the meme that says, evolution is not something happening to us but through [...]

The LIFE cycle of Listen, Interact, Form, Evolve: an actionable framework for co-evolution catalysts2019-09-16T20:40:50+00:00

The Story of Campus Co-Evolve


The wisdom of the ancient ones Our story started way back. The first people of all continents inhabited their natural surroundings with the mixed emotions of gratitude for the nourishment and trepidation about the coming thunderstorm. Nature was a formidable friend and foe. When man-made or natural dangers threatened their habitat, the circle of elders gathered around the campfire in the center of the village, listened, spoke, and listened more, until the wisdom of the circle appeared to all. Then they stood up, knowing what to do next. Fast-forward 10,000 years. The planetary habitat of the human family is [...]

The Story of Campus Co-Evolve2019-09-03T16:32:30+00:00

What time is it on the Campus?


The need we respond to Everybody who lives today with eyes open to humankind’s present predicament knows that we are in the very midst of a turbulent phase of transition. (Some call it the Big Shift, Jump Time or Great Transition.) Out of the turbulence of this transformation, very different worlds may emerge. Whether it will be for better or worse, it’s up to us. The lack of enough people well-educated in the arts and sciences of facilitating profound transformation would greatly increase the risk of the “for much worse” possibility. When “the old world is dying and [...]

What time is it on the Campus?2019-09-02T07:43:28+00:00

On the Edge


Musings by the Founder of Campus Co-Evolve Seeking out and resting on the edge is thrilling and soothing at the same time. From the edge, broader vistas are opening and beckoning the explorer in me. On the edge, I also take a deeper look at where I am and coming from.  High above the waves, where the ocean and the land meet, I am merging with the waves of becoming and also, with the ground of being.  I’m present to not being there alone. In this hour, the whole of our species is accosted by this old parable: Come to [...]

On the Edge2019-08-30T11:55:27+00:00

What time is it on Earth?


“In evolutionary theory, Jump Time is known as the time of punctuated equilibrium -- when a species is living at the edge of its tolerance in a state of gestation and ferment and suddenly jumps into a new order of being…” — Jean Houston.  We’re living in a time, about which the bard sang, “the old world is dying, and the new is yet to come.”  There are businesses and other organizations that are working without bosses and “inspired by the next stage of human consciousness,” to quote the subtitle of a popular management book, Reinventing Organizations.  New [...]

What time is it on Earth?2019-08-21T19:45:43+00:00

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