Project Description

A Course for R.Evolutionary Change Makers

“The world is going to change so fast that people and governments will not be prepared to be stewards of change. What will save them is teaching-learning communities… The only way to have a possible society… is to develop the possible human at the same time.” — Margaret Mead

Duration: 16 weeks Faculty: Máté Szücs
Start: October, 2019 Contributing faculty: Aftab Omer (to be confirmed), George Pór

The Four Rivers: a course for r.evolutionary changemakers is much more than a course. It’s a fledgling learning community of people who are exploring and co-creating a new sense of self, authentic ways of relating to one another, growing an enlivening culture, and designing wiser systems.

This course is  also about making a collective contribution to the possible human that we can become only when supported by the power of transformative teaching-learning communities.

The first edition of the Four Rivers was the founding course of Campus Co-Evolve. Already at its inception, it has been inspiring a global cohort of changemakers and thought leaders looking for transformative learning to grow personal and collective capabilities.

The learning journey that this course is based on takes the participants to the A-B-C-D rivers of their development, which are: Awareness, Behavior, Community Building, and Designing with Complexity.
Those four dimensions of the course’s content are neither parallel, nor simply sequential; they flow into each other, they are integrative. For example, when we’ll have completed the Awareness module, it is not complete; it will continue inside the Behavior module, and so on.
We will present to you the opportunity of each of the four modules with some sample questions. The actual questions that will drive our learning will be informed by what is important to you in each of the four areas. You will have a chance to crystalize this and present it in your Learning Agreement.

  • Enhance individual capabilities and power up real-word projects of the participating practitioners
  • Cultivate relations through which more trust, inspiration, and energy can flow
  • Develop a shared language for transformative leadership
  • Lay foundations for an ongoing Community of Practice (COP)

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be …

Developing Awareness

… able to think through requirements and implications of awareness development and use selected tools and insights to increase personal and collective awareness of self and the environment

Changing Behavior

… able to think through the implications of behavioral patterns and practice new personal and collective routines

Developing Communities

… able to assist a community to form and develop a shared purpose and learning agenda

Designing with Complexity 

… able to understand the nature and challenges of complex problems and environments and what conditions and methods help working with them

The course is a co-creative learning journey featuring

  • A personal learning path based on a learning agreement 
  • Action learning and peer-coaching 
  • Virtual engagements in assignment teams and topic groups (online campus)
  • Live virtual class- and reverse classrooms (1 classrooms and 2 reverse classrooms in each module) 
  • A community knowledge garden 
  • One week in person residential lab – to be confirmed 

What Is a r.evolutionary?

It is a play on the words “revolutionaries,” who strive for conscious evolution, and “revolutionaries,” who live their life dedicated to cause maximum ripple effects for positive transformation. If you recognise yourself in either of them, then chances are that you also want to become an ever more effective facilitator of evolution, including your own continuous development.

Pursuing that desire, when you’re supported by a transformative learning community, you can bring your “change facilitator” gifts to the world with ever-greater healing impact on organizations and/or communities. In this course you will learn how to to-create such a learning community. Your cohort is waiting for you..

The Campus operates in the gift economy, with donations instead of set tuition fees. The recommended level of donation for the course is £950.


Máté Szücs
Máté Szücs

Máté is an international advisor, consultant and change catalyst for next stage organizational design and capabilities, business model innovation, modern workplace and technology adoption. As founder of Collective Conception Consulting, he is helping leaders, teams, organizations and ecosystems to evolve and become fit for the 21st century with the latest digital and social technologies, platform ecosystem thinking, organizational and leadership strategies. His  consulting experience ranges across various industries, from start-ups to large enterprises, social entrepreneurs, NGOs as well as educational and government institutions across 20+ countries. He is also a regular speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator. Prior to this he gained 15 years experience in the tech industry with leading companies such as Siemens and Microsoft. He has held various leadership roles in strategy, marketing and leading business planning and operations internationally. At Community Intelligence, the UK based organizational transformation agency, he is leading the company’s platform design services.


Aftab Omer
Aftab Omer

Aftab is the founder and president of Meridian University in Petaluma, California. He received his Bachelor’s from M.I.T. and his Doctorate from Brandeis University. Formerly a faculty member in both the Psychology and Sociology departments at Sonoma State University, he is currently the President of the Council for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologies. Aftab’s research has focused on the emergence of human capacities within transformative learning communities and his work includes assisting organizations in tapping the creative potentials of conflict, diversity, and complexity. His published articles include The Spacious Centre: Leadership and the Creative Transformation of Culture and Between Columbine and the Twin Towers: Fundamentalist Culture as a Failure of Imagination.

George Pór
George Pór

George is a researcher in collective Intelligence and the founder and Academic Dean of Campus Co-Evolve. He is also a strategic learning partner to visionary leaders and changemakers in business, government, and civil society. George founded Community Intelligence, UK-based organizational transformation agency doing business globally  since 2002, and established Enlivening Edge, a media hub for amplifying the evolution of organizations and social systems (2015). His academic posts included the University of Paris, UC Berkeley, INSEAD, and London School of Economics. His list of publications is accessible at His clients included: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Ford Motor Co. Intel, Procter & Gamble, Prudential, Shell International Explorations & Production, Siemens, European Commission, European Investment Bank, UN Development Programme, Club of Budapest, Greenpeace, Swedish Organizational Learning Association, World Business Academy, World Wildlife Foundation.